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Syncing your harvest to Metrc

Syncing your harvests to Metrc

Submit to Metrc

Sync your harvest directly from Marjin using the 'Submit to Metrc' option from the harvest menu

You must have appropriate write permissions in Metrc to sync a harvest from Marjin

Export to CSV

You can export the harvest from Marjin to a CSV and upload to Metrc

The CSV format you will download

The format of the CSV is 'ready-to-import' to Metrc using their template format. However, if you need to groom the harvest table in spreadsheet format, you can do this too, updating any of the rows as needed, then uploading to Metrc when ready.

Finish a harvest (archiving a completed harvest)

Finish a harvest once the total biomass has been packaged and moved to inventory

Updated on: 15/04/2022

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