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Managing your Organization

Organization overview

Your organization in Marjin is created when you claim your first license. Organizations in Marjin are the account property that groups the Brands, Licenses, and Companies that your organization owns and controls and the Team of users that manage those entities. We'll use a fictitious organization called Acme Cannabis throughout our Help Center to contextualize the help articles with examples.

Organization toolbar

Managing your organization is simple and there is not a lot to it. Using the Organization toolbar, you can update your Org's name using the Edit Org button. You can also claim your own brands or sponsor partner brands on the Marjin network, and add licenses to your Org that have not been claimed yet by clicking the Add License button.

The organization toolbar

Edit your organization's name


Brands are unique properties on the Marjin network and are intended to be controlled by their owners. You can add your brands to your organization by clicking the Claim brands button in the toolbar. Brands that operate with a licensed partner, but do not have a license themselves require sponsorship from a verified Marjin organization in order to claim their brand. This ensures data integrity across the network and that organizations and brands operating on Marjin have been verified and are controlled by their rightful owners. You can invite a partner brand by clicking the Sponsor brand button in the toolbar.

Learn more about brands in Marjin

Organization brands


On the licenses tab in your organization, you will see the licenses you have claimed and their connectivity status with Metrc.

Organization llcenses

You can add more licenses to your organization by clicking the Add license button in the toolbar.

Claim additional licenses


Companies in your organization are entities reported by your state's regulatory agency as the owner the license was awarded to. They have no real functionality in Marjin except to verify the legal owner of the license that has been claimed by your organization.

Organization companies

Managing your Team

Managing Roles in your Organization

Updated on: 05/05/2022

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