Manage your team

You can invite your team members here. There are two classes of users in an organization: users who have accepted an invitation and joined an Organization but have not linked their Metrc user API key to their profile and users who are both part of an Organization and have a valid and active Metrc user API key associated with their user profile.

Users who have a Metrc user API key associated with their user profile are denoted by the green verified badge. Users who are part of a verified organization but have not submitted their Metrc user API key will have black verification badges and are not enabled to perform actions that require Metrc user permissions.

user profile cards here

Inviting new team members

Inviting a new team member requires the Admin role or a custom role that has been designated the permission to manage the team. Invites to new team members require the following fields:
First Name
Last Name
Job title (optional)

Default roles available

By default, all users have access to all of the available functionality with the exception of managing your team. Using default roles, managing the team is limited to Admins.

For more details on managing and assigning roles to your users, read the Managing Roles article here.

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