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Manage Item Ownership

Item Ownership in Marjin

Today, when product is transferred from your Metrc account to a supply chain partner, you lose visibility of that product, even though you still own the product. Marjin is innovating on the existing operational paradigm using Metrc by making a distinction between the owner and the facility and license in possession. We do this using Brands.

Your inventory in Marjin includes Brands that is an additional dimension integrated with your inventory of Metrc Items. You can assign ownership of branded inventory items to either your own organization or to the Brand-owner. By assigning ownership of Items in your inventory to the Brand, the Brand-owner will see those items in their inventory, but under the facility column, the product will show at your facility as reported by Metrc.

To learn more about managing an item's branding, see Manage Item Branding

It is easy to audit and verify whether a specific item is visible by a partner outside of your Organization or not by reviewing the list on the 'Assigned' tab in Item Owners. It is also easy to restrict visibility on shared items by reclaiming ownership.

Assigning ownership

Assigning ownership couldn't be easier.

Select the item(s) to assign and then click to assign.

Add partner brands

Add partner brands to automatically assign ownership to branded items

First, select the licenses that will be included

Then select the partner Brand to include

Removing parnter (revoking visibility)

To remove a partner, simply click the remove button from the list

Partners must be removed for each license they are currently assigned to independently.

Updated on: 12/04/2022

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