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Manage Item Branding

Branding in Marjin

Inventory is based on Packages (represented by tags or barcodes) of the Items that are created in Metrc. Brands is an additional field associated with Metrc Items on the Marjin network. They enable operators to organize, categorize, and share visibility of their inventory across the entire team or even with their supply chain partners.

What is the benefit of branding my inventory?

Brands in Marjin are unique properties listed in the Directory that are owned and controlled by the actual brand owner. You can assign Brands to Items in your inventory whether the Brand is on the Marjin network or not.

For Brand-owners (Cultivators, Wholesalers, and artisanal Brands)

Brand-owners could be Cultivators, Wholesalers, or Brand-owner of artisanal products for example. If you are a Brand-owner, the benefit of assigning your Brand to particular items (as they correspond to Metrc items) is to maintain visibility of the inventory as it navigates its way through your supply chain partners, like a Processor, Wholesaler, or Distributor. This is especially helpful if you are an unlicensed Brand-owner and have product at a Licensed facility using Metrc, then you can use Marjin to request access to those items by having your partner Brand those items they create in Metrc on your behalf.

For Processors, Wholesalers, and Distributors

If you are a Processor, Wholesaler or Distributor, the benefit to assigning Brands to items, if they are not assigned already, is twofold. First, you can provide better customer service to your Wholesaler, Cultivator, or Brand-owner customers by properly assigning the Brand to Items you are creating on behalf of those Customers. Second, this allows for more clarity and operational organization by providing a clear picture of product in your inventory by its corresponding owner.

For Retailers

If you are a Retailer, having all your items in Inventory properly branded will help you group and report the Inventory in a way that will allow you to see how the Inventory moves by Brand and, ultimately, by vendor, which will help your buying strategy for supplying stores.

Finding unbranded inventory

Inventory will appear as Unbranded

Assign a brand on an individual item directly from inventory

or manage all unbranded items in Item Brands

Assigning the Brand to items

Select the unbranded items from the table

If you have a lot of unbranded items and want to Brand a group of specific items, use the Item filter to narrow down the selection

Click the button to assign the Brand to the items

You can assign an internal Brand from your Organization or a third-party brand on the Marjin network

Assigning internal brands vs external third-party brands

Assigning an internal brand

Assigning an third-party brand

What if I can't find the brand?

If you can't find the brand you want to assign, you can submit a request to add the brand to the Marjin network.

Create brand rules for automation

You can create brand rules to automatically brand items based on the license that creates the item and matching text in the item name

Using Brand Rules

Managing a Brand in Marjin

Updated on: 06/05/2022

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