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Inventory Overview

Inventory Overview

Marjin's Inventory is designed to give you complete visibility of your inventory throughout your supply chain, whether the product is in your Metrc account or at a partner's facility and in their Metrc account. The way Marjin makes this possible is by enabling entities that create new items and packages in their own Metrc accounts, on behalf of partners or customers, and assign brands and ownership of particular items to their actual owners. A typical scenario is to assign items to a Brand or Manufacturer upstream from a Processor, Wholesaler, or Distributor.

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Your Org's License and Brand filters

The context of the view in the Inventory Browser is first set by selecting the Licenses and Brands to be included. These filters are at the top level and work independent of each other. These filters also depend on the permissions of the user, so If your user account does not have access to a specific license, then you will not see that license as an option in the Licenses list. The same is also true for Brands.

Select the licenses and brands to browse from

The filter panel

Access the filters panel by clicking on the filters tab

Apply filters in the filter panel, the table updates in real-time

Columns selector

Use the column selector to modify the layout of the inventory table

Using Item and Package notes

Making a note on an Item

Making a note on a Package

Applying the note to all Packages from the same Item

Exporting the current view

Use the filter panel and columns selector to find the view to export to CSV

Updated on: 11/04/2022

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