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How to connect your account

Create your organization on Marjin in 6 easy steps

1. Log in to your Metrc account and navigate to your Metrc user API key.

Navigate to the user dropdown in Metrc and click 'API Keys'.

2. Copy/paste the key text or scan the API key QR code.

This is the Metrc user API Keys screen.

Use the Marjin mobile app to scan

If you have the Marjin mobile app on your smartphone, then just tap the QR Code icon and scan the QR code on the Metrc API Keys page.

You can scan the user API key's QR code with the Marjin mobile app.

From a desktop browser

If you are on a desktop browser, then copy your Metrc user API key and paste it in the API key field in Marjin.

If you are on a desktop browser, copy / paste the user API key.

4. Select the license(s) to associate with the new Organization

If your Metrc user is llinked to more than one license and/or company, you will have the option of selecting which of the licenses you want to consolidate under your new Marjin organization.

If you administrate more than one, select which licenses to claim.

5. Set your organization's name.

Set your organization's name. You can update later in Organization Settings.

6. Invite other Admins to your organization.

Invite your colleagues to join as Admins to help with setting up your organization.

7. Your organization is now ready to use in Marjin.

Your organization is now syncing with Metrc and ready to use in Marjin.

Managing your organization

Updated on: 05/05/2022

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